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The myBoardingPass Help page is designed to answer common questions so you can quickly be on your way to enjoying the many benefits of your myStation account. If your question, concern or issue is not addressed by the below FAQ, please feel free to submit a help request.

2011 Win/Loss Statements Now Available on myBoardingPass.com

New & easy for 2011 Statements: You can now download online and print your Win/Loss Statement right from your computer.

  • Log into your myBoardingPass.com account.
  • Find the green “Print Your Win/Loss Statement” (below the calendar on the “Home” tab) and click to print.

It’s that easy!


This is my first visit to myBoardingPass. How do I sign up?
Signing up for a myBoardingPass account is quick, easy and safe. Start by entering your Boarding Pass number and PIN under the "New to myBoardingPass?" section located in the yellow panel to the right.

I registered with my Boarding Pass number and PIN but never received a confirmation email.
If you haven't received your email moments after registering, first ensure you are checking the email address used during registration and also check your Junk Email or Spam folder. If you have not received a confirmation email, or you received your confirmation email and the link was invalid, please take the following steps: Please keep in mind that you have 5 days to confirm your account after registering. If you still haven't received your confirmation email, you can click here for assistance.

  • Go to www.myboardingpass.com
  • Click on “Start Your Sign Up”
  • Enter your Boarding Pass number and PIN
  • A message will display reading: “This account has already registered, but did not complete the account confirmation”
  • Click the “Re-Send the confirmation email” link
  • Log into the email account you provided during registration and click on the link to activate your account

I provided the wrong email address when registering. What should I do?
If you provided the wrong email address and are unable to activate your account, you need to have your account reset before beginning the registration process again. Please visit the Contact Us page and provide us your information so we can reset your account.

I misplaced my Boarding Pass card/number or PIN. Can I sign up without them?
For your security, your Boarding Pass number and PIN are required to set up your my|Station account. Please visit the Rewards Center at your favorite property to retrieve your Boarding Pass number and/or PIN.

I don't have a Boarding Pass Card.
If you have never had a Station Casinos Boarding Pass card, we invite you to visit any Station Casino and sign up to be a part of the best player’s club in Vegas! When you get your Boarding Pass and PIN be sure to return to my|Station and register your account.

Can I get a Boarding Pass card online?
Not yet. At this time Boarding Pass cards can only be acquired at any Station Casinos Rewards Center . Please visit the Rewards Center at your favorite Station Casino and our staff will be happy to assist you.

Is my|Station a secure website?
Yes. Station Casinos' top priority is your security. my|Station is a fully secure site designed using VeriSign Certificate Services. We recommend bookmarking myBoardingPass.com for future visits to ensure that you are accessing the proper URL.


I forgot my Username.
If you have already registered your my|BoardingPass account and don't have your Username, click on the "Forget Username?" link located in the "Login (returning users)" section to your right. Provide the required information and an email will be sent to your email account with your username.

I forgot my Password.
If you have already registered your myBoardingPass account and don't have your Password, click on the "Forgot Password?" link located in the "Login (returning users)" section to your right. Enter the email address you used when registering. Your password will then be reset and a new password will be sent to your email address. Please use this new password to log into your myStation account. You may change your password at any time by accessing the Account Preferences page.

My Username and Password are correct but I'm still unable to log in.
If you are using the correct Username and Password and are still unable to log in, please click here to submit a help request. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Minimum Web Browser Requirements

While designed to support as many Web browser types and versions as possible, myStation.com provides users with the best experience when viewed in the latest browsers and software applications. Below are the minimum browser and software requirements along with links to upgrades.


  • Firefox 3 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher

Mac OS

  • Firefox 3 or higher
  • Safari 3 or higher

Other Requirements

  • JavaScript must be enabled
  • Cookies must be set to accept
  • Flash Player 9
  • A screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher

Links for upgrading your browser and software 


NEW to myBoardingPass?

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    If you do not have your Boarding Pass number or have never had a Boarding Pass, please visit the Rewards Center at your favorite Station Casinos location. Your Boarding Pass number is required to set up your my|Station account.

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